Attention Members and Prospective Members!

It’s that time of year! PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW FOR 2017!

Or… join the club for your first time! We welcome one and all. And we have a good time. Here’s a quick summary of our year so far and what’s to come.

The Boca Raton Regional Republican Club, Inc. thanks all of you for your current and past support of our club, candidates, and events. This year, 2016,  has been an amazing nine months on the national political level, and leaves all of us with a lot to do in the short time remaining before, most likely, “The most important election in this country’s history.” Getting Donald Trump elected—and keeping Hillary out of the Presidency—is literally key to the survival of our Constitutional Republic and all our precious freedoms we take for granted. If anyone is still in doubt at this late date, please just consider the Supreme Court judges that she will appoint if given the opportunity to “take over” –not serve—this great nation.

While the national political scene may seem a bit of a stretch for our club to contemplate, it’s really not: Florida is a swing state, and Palm Beach County is a swing county. We may play a very pivotal role on November 8th, and we each need to put all our energies into getting people to the polls to cast the right votes. Please contact our club for any help in finding the right job and manner in which you can contribute your valuable time. Also, the newly opened Trump headquarters is located at Military and Town Center

During this past year, the BRRRC has been busy holding events to encourage members and friends to get together, share their views, and become more aware of the local, regional, and national issues so they can get behind Republican candidates. We need to be informed to help others make the right decisions!

In March Roger Stone, the ultimate insider, treated us to innumerable facts and stories of how the Clintons operate. In June Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent, highlighted many political operations, and drove home the importance of getting involved at the local level.

Following Dan, we held our first monthly meeting at LaCigale. Sid Dinerstein, former chairman of the PBC REC, gave us incredible insight on the importance of electing the right people and standing up for our principles with loud voices.

At our August 1st meeting Tom Trento from The United West shared national perspectives that he gains from being in touch around the country. In September, Dr. Sherrie Raz imparted some valuable information on the Islamic Trojan Horse, helping us to recognize covert tactics, such as Taqiya and Hijrah, that are used by Muslims who want to take over and not assimilate.

We have additional monthly meetings planned for Mondays on October 10th and November 7th; and a holiday dinner planned for December 6th. Each of our meetings has been a festive affair with a great number of you attending!

Particularly in this 2016 critical election year, the BRRRC is making efforts to be involved, educate the voters on the crucial issues, and promote our candidates.


To keep current, please look for our flyers and visit our club’s website at and our Facebook page. Best of all, please join BRRRC and support our efforts to elect the best candidates that will work for your interests! You can and will make a difference.

Once again, we appreciate your support, and hope you will get involved so this is a winning year for all of us and especially our country. We look forward to seeing you at our coming events. And please visit Trump Headquarters in Boca at Military and Town Center Road!

With best wishes,

Carol and Lou Stern, Membership Chairs

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